Monday, 15 December 2008

Double Click to Open Visual Studio Solutions in Vista/2008

For a while I have been running Visual Studio under Vista (x32) and now I’m using Workstation 2008 (very happily too!).   I have UAC on, but have a policy setting to automatically elevate without showing a prompt.  (I absolutely can’t live with the dialogs…see here and here for more info).

I have also Visual Studio set to run as administrator, and that’s where the problem starts: I have not been able to open solution files by double clicking them. 

I am very grateful to “Sajeev Prasad / Arun Arcot” response to this post for the solution.

Basically, set both IDE and the loader (%programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MSEnv\VSLauncher.exe) to run as administrator and you can then double click to open solutions.

Thanks Sajeev and Arun!

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