Thursday, 19 June 2008

UAC: Your Time is Marked!

Before zipping the source for the last post, I went to remove the bin and obj folders. These are located in my documents folder (under the VS2008 projects folder). My login has admin rights to the machine and I'm not on any domain either - just a standalone home machine!

Life should be sweet then? Well, not if you're using Windows Vista with UAC enabled. There are seeming endless requests for permission to continue. It's a click multiplier...the more you want to do, the more you have to click!

I began by thinking that it's all worth while, it's for security reasons, etc. etc. Right now I'm at the end of my tether and am about to turn it off.

One of my favourites is that when trying to delete the bin/obj folders, I can't! I just get the following:

I created these folders, inside my user profile, on my machine, upon which I have full administrative rights. There were no files locked by other processes (merci, Cedrick!). I had only created the folders a few minutes previously. Man, this is the most tedious version of Windows I have ever used. This stuff drives me insane!

Sometimes when I get the dialog above, if I go into the folder and delete files and subfolders before I delete the main folder, I get to delete the main folder after all that. Wow, that's great, there's a workaround! Well, no - it doesn't always work, just sometimes!!

Vista UAC - your time is marked!

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