Tuesday, 17 June 2008

VistaDB - It Just Works!

I'm looking for an database for a Dotnet 3.5 winforms application that I will be making available for a mass audience. The application will install on the users machine and be hold its data on that machine.

I want minimise the problems for my users. I do not want any other software being able to affect my software. The worst case scenario I want for support is to uninstall and reinstall the application, possibly the Dotnet Framework.

This means I want to embed the database in the application. I do not want to rely on other vendors sharing an installation of MS SQL Express or similar. I want it all to myself!
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I love Firebird from my Delphi days and SQLLite is hot as hell, but enter the newcomer: VistaDB.

Fully managed, CLR compliant and written in managed C#, this little puppy is easily my DB of choice for this work. Supports large DBs, no arbitrary limits on anything, goes to the web, desktop or mobile. easy integration with Visual Studio, comes with its own management suite, and a whole host of other goodies. This will cost not much more than a half decent management suite for Firebird or SQLLite!

Although it's not pertinent for me in the current project, this database is capable of being completely embedded in an ASP.Net web page and saving you loads of cash on your hosting - the excellent and free MS SQL Express costs to host, as does the also excellent and free MySQL. VistaDB is a file and an assembly...can it get simpler?

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darichkid said...


Here is an ORM that works with VistaDB

Anonymous said...

Check Valentina Database. It has local royalty free engine, and Valentina Server. You can use any or both of these via "Valentina NET" ADK.
I should say this is fastest database I have see ever. This is SQL and in the same time NON-SQL DB. Can be disk-only or RAM-only or mixed. Besides, it works on mac and linux, can be used with other languages easy and can be used FREE in many cases