Thursday, 26 June 2008

Praise: Subversion Hosting at

I've recently signed up for Subversion hosting with Wush. I spent a long time looking at various online providers before deciding on Wush. I am more than happy with my choice!

I currently have a no-frills service with a gigabyte of space with unlimited users across a single Subversion repository for $20USD per quarter at time of writing. (You can add extra Subversion repositories for $5USD.)

Hey, I don't want frills, I want service and Wush have given me absolutely top class service! Their service started when I was asking initial questions and has continued through my teething problems (like not remembering how to set up other users; how to integrate with FogBugz, etc.).

There are a lot of good looking offerings out there with some very slick interfaces. However, these often took, literally, days to respond to my support requests. Sorry - not good enough!!

Wush does not have a slick interface but has a strong, consistent and solid level of support from the start.

When a job's done right, you have to say so: Wush have to be one of the best out there and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

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